Virtual Reality CNC-workshop

During my internship at CNC Keller GmbH I created an interactive virtual CNC-Workshop for use in professional schools to teach the operation of a CNC-milling machine. The application allows getting to know and operate the expensive machines without the need to access one or risking a defect or injury due to erroneous operation.

I used and extended known real-world concepts like checklists to intuitively teach start-up routines. On finishing a step on the checklist, it automatically marked itself as done.

The virtual room also included tools and components, that could be picked up and inspected with additional information shown. The virtual scene also allowed perspectives not possible with real machines that showed the inside or predefined views from inside the machine.

Start up sequence of the milling machine

Watch a short Video of my project here (0:53).

This project was my first big software project, I had to plan and execute myself. I learned a lot about solving problems on your own, using the documentation and using other internet resources like forums or blog posts. I collected experience in using C# for coding and Blender for 3D-Object creation.

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